Sally Face Games

Episode 3: The Bologna Incident

This game consists of five chapters with the same plot, but different stories. It has a cool soundtrack, dark atmosphere and cartoon graphics. The main hero – Sally starts to investigate strange events that happen in apartments where he and his father moved recently. Every chapter has its own unsolved case, so let’s focus on the Bologna Incident that bothers out character even after a long time.

Sally is a guy that wears a special mask. He wears it because of a horrible event that happened with him in the past, and it covers his whole face. In the beginning of the game you realise that a huge dog attacked our hero, and in order to save him, his mother sacrificed her life. After it, they moved to addisons apartments, where all strange events started.

We start Episode 3 from the moment when the interviewer is asking our character different questions on his trial. Suddenly, he mentions a strange part of his life that happened when he was at school. And game transfer us to these good old days.

Sally Face is a quest product, so you need to walk, interact with objects and speak with different people. You can speak with ghosts and discover necessary information from them. Here portable computer that looks like a Nintendo Switch will help you.

Pass the whole Sally Face story to reach the end. You don’t need a Steam account to enjoy it on this site. Relish this PS4 product here on all devices.