Sally Face Games

Sally Face Episode 6

From the release date all fans were waiting for all parts of this thrilling product to see a shocking ending. Many players of Sally Face wanted continuation of it after they passed the whole plot. Finally here on this site you have an opportunity to try a new chapter and reveal all secrets that bothered fans so long.

Sally Is Again on Your Screens

As you know, Sally is a guy who is able to communicate with ghosts. He becomes the main hero in frightening events that happen in Addison Apartments. His face is covered with a special prosthesis that he received after the dog attacked him and his mother.

During the game you can witness a huge part of his life that happens after they moved to these strange apartments with his father. Sally meets new friends, they go to school and investigate different cases together.

They start from revealing the true face of the criminal that killed their neighbor, and continue to investigate a strange event that happened in their school. They like to spend time together having fun. But everything changes after they start noticing strange things that happen in their house.

In Sally Face Episode 6 you can finally end everything that started before. You have the possibility to investigate White room, speak with other people and enjoy the game after ending. Sally will talk with new ghosts and reveal many interesting secrets about inhabitants of apartments.

He also can upgrade portable computers to unlock other mini games and try them too. Find the real truth about religious groups and be careful, they are watching you. The controls are easy – move on location and find items you need to pick or interact with. Sally also will have many interesting dialogues, so don’t miss them.

The sound effects and graphics fully immerse you in the dark atmosphere of this product, and quests are not that hard, so you won’t miss important events. This game is waiting for you. Help Sally and finish your path with him. Remember to end everything because trial is about to start.