Sally Face Games

Sally Face Episode 5

So, you are already on the last chapter of Sally Face, but adventures have just started. This dark game is going to reveal all secrets to you, but don’t forget that quest part is also here.

We play the main hero as in previous parts. Sally is the main character here, he can speak with paranormal creatures and travel between different worlds. His face is covered by a special mask, so nobody will see scars from a dog attack. You didn’t see his face in previous chapters, so maybe this one will surprise you.

After Sally and his father moved to Addison Apartments strange things started to happen. He began to investigate different cases with a group of his three friends and found information about strange religious group and its rituals.

Turns out that your neighbors were members of this group too, and they released something frightening. The game consists of different dialogues and quests, so you will discover the truth that all inhabitants are hiding. During the process Sally finds White Room, speaks with many ghosts and phantoms and solves various difficult cases. And the game is going to end on this final chapter.

The graphics are simple, so even Android users will enjoy the process without buggs. The same goes for iOs! Get full access to this Xbox One horror and try it here. Sally Face is a mystical story that makes you think about your life and friendship.