Sally Face Games

Sally Face OC Maker

Let’s make your favorite Sally Face personage on this site. The OC Maker allows you to make your own hero to add it into the process, and contains different instruments that can help you to do it. But first, let’s look closer at the plot of this exciting game.

You probably saw Sally Face art on the Internet with the main heroes of this story. Sally is a boy with blue hair and a special mask. The mask imitates face, because due to a tragic accident he received many deep scars.

The only people who can see his real face are his best friends he met in apartments. Speaking of which, the game starts when he and his father move to addisons apartments from their hometown. There he quickly finds new friends, and they together start to investigate different cases in their apartments or at school.

As you play it you realise that our main hero isn’t an average guy. He sees frightening nightmares every night, can see ghosts and even speak with them. They help him understand the scary truth about their house and its inhabitants. To properly talk with them you can use a portable computer with mini games.

Also, in Sally Face you need to interact with different objects and speak to people in order to complete all quests. Quickly you will realise that every tenant of this house is hiding terrifying secrets. Many of them were members of a strange religious group, whose story you need to discover.

This personage creator is full of different instruments to help you design your hero better. Don’t forget to check the plot and enjoy your leisure here.