Sally Face Games

Sally Face and Larry

The thrilling and interesting horror game is now on your screens. The huge popularity of Sally Face is not a surprise – well written characters, interesting mystical plot, various secrets and simple gameplay allow you to fully transfer to the atmosphere of the story and discover all mysteries. Here you can become closer with two main characters – Sally Face and Larry Johnson.

Two Best Friends

The tragic story with his mother forced Sally and his father to move to Nockfell to Addisons Apartments. He is not an average guy, he wears a special mask that covers his whole face. You probably saw at least one fanart of this boy on the Internet. Also, during the game we discover that he has some sort of paranormal powers.

Sally is able to communicate with ghosts and other mythical creatures. Every night he sees strange and frightening nightmares that became a part of his life after an accident. That’s not a whole list of his strangenesses you find in game.

All of this led our hero to meeting his best friend in these dark and mystical apartments. In this game he lives with his mother, and doesn’t like to talk about dad, because, as he thinks, his father abandoned them and ran away.

Later in the game you will have the opportunity to discover the truth about his dad, and be sure, it is shocking. So, our friend offers us to solve the case. Not a long time ago somebody killed their neighbor, and our friend thinks that he knows the real criminal. To send him to jail you need to steal only evidence that is left – this is your first quest in this exciting game.

Game Process: Move, Interact and Speak

This is basically the whole process of the game. To interact with necessary items you need to walk to a certain place. The same goes when you want to speak with inhabitants. After a couple episodes of the game you will realise the horrible truth about this house, so you will find yourself in the center of all events.

The special portable computer helps you speak with ghosts and provides you with access to various mini games. While playing it you can find interesting information about tenants, events from the past and strange group that lived here a long time ago.

Sally Face is a dark and mystical product where you will understand that even most innocent people hide terrifying secrets. Pass the whole game and discover a shocking ending here. Play now!