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Who could know that a single person is able to create a really interesting and thrilling game in quest and adventure genres that will soon gain a huge fan base. Steve Gabry isn’t a professional developer who works with popular studios, but products he releases continue to amaze all gamers. Sally Face was delayed too long because of various difficulties. When the first chapter was out, users all over the world liked to play it so much, he had to think about other parts. That’s why you can now enjoy the full game on this site.

Meet Sally – Main Hero of the Mystic Story

Sally Face is an average boy with blue hair who wears dark clothes. His main feature is a strange mask that covers his whole face. It is a prosthesis that he received after the horrible incident. Not a long time ago when Sally was attacked by a huge and angry dog, his mother saved him, but the price she paid was her own life.

After this tragic incident the boy was forced to wear a special prosthesis that can hide his own face. Because of all these tragic events his father decided to move to another city with his son. Their choice fell on Nockfell and Addison Apartments with its mysteries and strange inhabitants.

He quickly finds a good friend who will follow you during the whole walkthrough. Larry lives here with only his mother, because his father left them and ran away. He tells you about all strange things that happened in these apartments, including the mystical death of their neighbor.

Larry suspects another neighbor in this crime and asks you for help – you need to find evidence to send this frightening killer to jail. This is the moment Sally and Larry start a dangerous and thrilling adventure. You have to discover shocking truth about all inhabitants of these apartments and reveal their real face.

The Gameplay

Most of the time in this game you just need to walk on location and speak with different people there. The dialogues here consist of necessary information, so pay attention while they talk. When the game wants you to interact with necessary objects you will see bright lines around it, so you understand your next steps.

The items around help you move by plot and solve simple quests. Literally in the first chapter you realise that Sally is not as average as you thought. He can speak with various ghosts and other creatures from other worlds.

You have a special portable computer that helps you interact with these creatures and also has cool mini games that allow you to discover stories of all these people around.

All episodes contain different characters, stories and unexpected turns of events. You also discover life stories of your neighbors by finding secrets. For example, the Old Journal can tell you the truth about Larry’s dad and his extraterrestrial life. And the cognition key transfers you to a strange White Room with its tenants. Find all of them to collect the whole puzzle in the end.

So, Sally Face is a product that is totally worth your time. The dark story, atmosphere, music, exciting quest part and all mysteries will follow you during the process. Walk with Sally all the way till end. Play on this site now with full access!