Sally Face Games

Little Misfortune

If you like dark and trilling Sally Face, you will totally love this product. This is an adventure game that combines different genres, including dark fantasy, and tells us a story about average girl and fox.

The game starts when you see the main hero in her room. The strange voice behind the screen tells the player that today this girl will die. But we realise that Little Misfortune is able to hear him too. He offered her the opportunity to avoid fatal fate by playing his own quest. She has no choice but to accept the offer and start completing his tasks. The first one is to escape the house and start exploring her city.

The game is a quest where you need to move on location, interact with objects and people around. During the whole game you will meet a strange fox that is chasing you in all places. But you can’t interact with it, because it often runs away the moment you get closer.

Also, the voice doesn’t like this fox and asks you to avoid it. Discover who is hiding under the fox mask and what happened with our girl. The real truth is shocking.

So, enjoy your pastime on this site and complete different quests. The atmosphere of this product is very cool, so go and try it.