Sally Face Games

Sally Face Chapter 4

If you are here, that means you reached Sally Face Chapter 4. The trial is going to its end and you discover more frightening episodes from the main hero’s life. You are on the finish line, but don’t let your guard down. The most interesting part has just started.

Sally Face is a horror about a boy who suddenly finds himself in the center of terrifying and paranormal events. He wears a prosthesis that covers his face and scars that he got after meeting an angry dog in the past.

In game you will investigate strange cases that happen in Addison Apartments with your friends. In order to find truth you need to interact with different objects, speak to necessary people and talk with ghosts. Yeah, turns out the main character is able to communicate with mystical creatures that wander around.

This episode of the game starts from apartments. Sally is standing on the porch of the house with his hands covered in blood. He is practicing with his guitar, when cops quickly surround him. And suddenly we transfer to our hero’s college days.

In this part of the game you need to complete quests that powerful and scary monster will give you to find truth. As always, portable computers with mini games will help you in the process of communicating with phantoms. Also, in this part you have the opportunity to receive special achievements. For example, collect all teeth and get a reward. They are hidden in different locations, so pay attention to notice them and take them.

You are able to play this exciting product for free. The game is not that hard, and quests are thrilling but simple for you. So you don’t even need a YouTube walkthrough. Enjoy!