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Sally Face Anime

All horror fans need to play this dark and thrilling product. Sally Face developer could combine mystical story, interesting plot twists and well-detailed characters in one project and made it alone. The results of this huge work are already on this page, so go and test yourself.

Sally was an average guy until a horrible accident happened to him and his family. As a result of this tragic event his mother sacrificed herself in order to save her son from an angry dog, and Sally started to wear a special mask.

This prosthesis covers his whole face and everything you can see is his blue hair. In the beginning of the game his father decides to move to another city and they drive to Addisons Apartments. But they didn’t even expect what was waiting for this poor family there.

In these apartments Sally meets new friend Larry, and together they start an important investigation. They need to get only evidence that points on their neighbor as a killer, so police will send him to jail.

During the first episode of the game our main hero discovers his secret powers. Turns out, he can speak to ghosts and travel between worlds. The only thing he needs is a portable computer that helps him communicate with mystical creatures and discover necessary information. He also sees disturbing pictures in his nightmares that he started to see after his mother’s death.

So, you are here to reveal the truth about strange apartments and its inhabitants. You will quickly understand that even Larry’s dad was hiding a scary secret about his birth and family. The mini games here will help you discover their stories. While playing you need to interact with different items, speak to tenants and solve small quests. The game isn’t hard, so you will fully transfer to its dark atmosphere.

Sally Face is waiting for all fans of this genre here. The main secret of this story is a strange religious group that lived here and arranged their experiments. Pass all episodes and reach the end to find out what monster they released and how everything is connected, you will be surprised!