Sally Face Games

Sally Face Travis

This game is full of different personages with their own unique stories. Travis is one of them. He is an average student that later reveals his true face and role in these frightening events. So, let’s look closer at the plot of this cool game.

Sally Face is a story about a guy with blue hair and a strange mask. Sally moved to Addisons Apartments with his father after a tragic accident that happened to his mother. In apartments he meets new friends, and they together start to investigate different cases.

Sally has a small portable computer that helps him talk with ghosts and find the truth about apartment inhabitants’ past. It has various mini games that tell you actual stories about strangest people around.

Yeah, Sally Face is not only about average investigations. The paranormal part is also here. The thing is, a strange religious group arranged their experiments here, and in result they summoned a real monster. With a dark main song, creepy atmosphere and cartoon graphics this product amazes all fans and makes us think about surrounding people. Because everybody can be a demon.

Because of quests Sally Face may seem difficult for you. But tasks are pretty easy, so nothing will distract you from the plot. But if you can’t find an answer to the riddle, go to Reddit to ask help from the fans community. Good luck!