Sally Face Games

Sally Face Gear Boy

Sally Face is a dark and thrilling horror with interesting tasks, dialogues and well-written characters. You play as a boy with blue hair that moves to a new town with his father after a tragic incident. He also has a special face mask that he needs to wear after an angry dog attacked him. Discover all secrets with him and help him investigate different unsolved cases.

The Gear Boy and Special Powers

Sally is not an average guy. He can speak with ghosts and phantoms and travel to other dimensions. All paranormal creatures here will tell you necessary information that you will need in your quests.

An item that can help you in this process is this portable computer. It provides you an opportunity to communicate with these creatures by mini quests and other features and discover the truth about all characters that live in these apartments.

Also, it can be upgraded. New cool features appear after you update it to the latest version. For example, the opportunity to reveal paranormal activity improves, so now you are able to feed it. The system also updates with new exciting quests that will tell you interesting stories.

In Seeking Providence

In this new house Sally has many neighbors, and all of them hide their terrifying secrets. To see their past and find out answers to all questions you can try to pass this quest. It consists of ten chapters that describe the past of your neighbors, including the father of your best friend.

Reveal his true face and find everything about his birth and reason he left his family and ran away. Find truth about a strange religious group that arranged frightening experiments in these apartments. They released a real monster that broke the lives of all your neighbors, and you will totally meet it.

The music effects and graphics bring you to the atmosphere of this horror product. Help Sally investigate all cases and reach a shocking ending.