Sally Face Games

Sal Fisher Real Face

Meet game that gained a huge fan base despite being made by a single person. The developer could create an interesting and terrifying story with many strange secrets and different characters, so in the end you will totally think about your life and people around you. Because everybody keeps his frightening secrets.

The Actual Face of Average Guy

The main hero of Sally Face is a boy with blue hair and a strange mask. Since Sally Face’s birthday he has been a happy and funny boy. From the day his mother sacrificed herself to save her child, he and his father Henry Fisher live alone in a small town.

Because of sadness their home reminds them of they decide to move to Nockfell to Addison Apartments. But here the dangerous and scary future is waiting for them. All inhabitants are not what they look like and you will understand this too late.

Despite all difficulties and tragic events our main hero grew up as a very kind and good person. He really enjoys moments when he can be average unmasked Sally without feeling fear of somebody noticing. Here he meets a person that quickly becomes his best friend.

Their friendship begins when Larry offers our personage to find evidence and send their neighbor’s killer to jail. This is your first mission in this game, and every episode will contain various types of tasks and dialogs.

The Game Process

To play you need to move on location and interact with necessary objects. You don’t have a cursor, so pay attention to notice bright light from items you should pick. Our hero also has a portable computer that he uses to speak with ghosts and discover information from mini games.

During the game you meet different ghosts that will tell you their stories. Even Larry’s father has his secrets that you need to reveal. Discover the truth about a strange religious group that lived here not a long time ago and a horrible monster they created.

Travel between worlds, visit Black and White rooms to find necessary personages and items and move by plot. The ending is shocking, believe us. Sal Fisher’s real face was always a mystery all players wanted to know. Play, reach the final chapter and see it yourself. Good luck!