Sally Face Games

Sally Face Ash

Who thought that these new apartments were hiding so many horrible secrets. The main hero of this game came to this strange place without any disturbing thoughts. But even in this frightening situation Sally managed to find three real friends. Let’s look closer at Ash – a person that helps our character many times.

In Sally Face you will meet three friends and investigate unsolved cases together. She is one of a couple people who saw the main hero’s face. He wears a special mask after the horrible incident. It is a prosthesis that helps cover all scars from an attack of a dog.

She helps you discover a real story about a mysterious religious group that was arranging experiments in apartments. Also, she knows about your nightmares and terrifying images you see there and tries to find a reason you can see them. You will ride on her motorcycle and go on adventures together.

To play you need to search for necessary evidence, speak with different characters and listen to all dialogues. Also, play on a portable computer to communicate with all ghosts that you meet and reveal the truth about your neighbors.

The Sally Face is more than a couple characters. You will see interesting and thrilling plot, well-detailed personages and many exciting quests here. Enjoy your pastime and get to the final chapter!